Our History

Tecknotrad was founded in 1985 by Dr. Carlo Emiliani, who used his extensive knowledge from his education and in-depth studies of the language and technical documentation in various technology fields in Europe and abroad to provide translation and technical documentation services.
Dr. Emiliani lived abroad for several years, especially in the United States, taking specific courses in important technical schools, such as Wisconsin Technical College, to learn about numerous mechanical, electro-technical and electronic principles and the English terminology used.

During that period, the first standards for technical documentation were being developed in the United States. Manuals and catalogs were created in line with these new presentation and language standards, still unknown to Italy.
This complete knowledge and experience that covered controlled technical documentation at 360° was transferred to Tecknotrad and all its collaborators.

Tecknotrad started out offering advanced technical translation services, a specialization developed through continuous technological studies and always keeping up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

Later, Tecknotrad added desktop publishing for technical documentation and spare part catalogs to integrate and enrich its services.